We’re here to help you tell a better forever story. It starts with giving you 100% confidence that the handcrafted jewelry you buy from us is exactly what you wanted, ethically sourced and made with the environment in mind.


Founded in 2013 by a third-generation jeweler, Bashford Jewelry is both our passion and our livelihood. It’s how we connect to our community, how we serve others, how we live out our values, and how we give back to causes dear to us.

With years of experience in the jewelry business, we have seen the industry at its worst: child laborers, under-paid workers forced to dig in horrific conditions, and gems and precious metals mined with no thought for the protection of our natural resources. And so we created Bashford Jewelry because we know what can happen when the industry behaves at its best: delighted customers, well-treated workers and as little environmental harm as possible.


In keeping with our values of integrity and transparency, we go well beyond accepted standards in sourcing all of our materials, particularly diamonds. We use recycled precious metals (indistinguishable from newly refined metals) and track gems all the way to the source to ensure that they are ethically mined, shaped and polished. Simply put: Jewelry is in our blood but there is no blood in our jewelry.

With materials properly sourced and in-hand, we work our magic. We know that behind each piece of jewelry lies a unique story that deserves our utmost creativity and attention to detail. We lovingly design and produce all of our jewelry from our studio in Seattle, Washington. We treat our employees like family and hold ourselves to the strictest environmental standards in our production process.


We design, produce and deliver high-quality, unique, hand-crafted jewelry using only materials from the most ethical and environmentally-responsible sources.

We see your first experience with us as only the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Many of our early engagement ring customers are now returning for their anniversary gifts. 

Ultimately, we’re committed to designing, producing and delivering a spectacular piece of jewelry each and every time. Our goal is to have you fall in love with everything you buy from us. Let our story be part of your story.