Wedding Ring Guide

Ultimate Guide to Wedding Rings

People have been giving one another rings as part of their wedding celebrations since the times of the pharaohs, when the circle was considered a symbol of eternity. The romans gave us the idea of wearing the wedding ring on the ‘ring finger’ as they believed that it was linked directly to the heart via the ‘vein amoris,’ or vein of love. 

There are a few considerations to make in order to find a wedding ring for her that complements her engagement ring and a wedding band for him that fits his style or best matches her ring set. Use the guidance below to help in making a decision.

Women's Wedding Rings

It is traditional to wear her wedding ring closest to the heart, and wear the engagement ring on the same finger, over the wedding ring. If you choose this tradition, consider how the rings will fit together.

Choosing the Right  Band for You

When you buy an engagement ring it’s usually going to be as a surprise, however, buying the wedding bands is something you can and should do together. Ideally, you should start shopping for the ring a few months before the wedding, as this will give you time to shop around, try on any that catch your eye, change your mind, change it back again… Also, remember to get your nails done before you go shopping! It’s a nice treat, but it also helps you decide which ring is going to look best. Tradition has it that the wedding ring should cost a month’s salary, but some people say that’s a tradition that was made up by jewellers! If you are both going to have rings, you should buy them for one another, rather than buying your own. Some people feel that your wedding rings should match one another in their metal and shape, as this is an emblem of your union and togetherness, others that it’s entirely up to the individual’s own choice, based on their partner’s taste and style. 

A Perfect Match

Some rings are designed to fit together, side-by-side. Many women like the symmetry of two matching rings, with diamonds of the same size and shape, or just the same type of metal.

A Unique Combination

She may choose a ring other than the one designed to match her engagement ring. This creates a unique look that is becoming popular.

Women's Diamond Rings

A prong setting allows more light into the diamond for maximum brilliance. A channel setting protects diamonds from abrasions and offers a smoother look. A three-stone diamond ring symbolizes your past, present, and future together.

Men's Wedding Rings

Today, men have more choices than ever for choosing a wedding ring. Some couples choose matching men's and women's wedding rings. Choose from the classic wedding band in a broad range of widths to bands with unique detailing, brushed surfaces, or accent diamonds to suit your style and preference.