We are always striving to make changes that minimize the impact on the environment while providing miners and workers fair wages along with proper safety and support.

We believe that the only way to produce beautiful, elegant jewelry is to source gemstones ethically and in such a way that makes a sustainable, rewarding and positive impact on everyone affected by their creation. Along our value-added chain, we also ensure to maintain ethical practices in our sales to our customers.


Maintaining the highest ethical, social and environmental standards in the diamond and jewelry trade means adhering to strong professional practices. This is especially true when it comes to accurately disclosing where the diamonds and gemstones are mined.


Bashford Jewelry is passionate about Ethics. For the word ethical to succeed and have meaning, it must have three main ingredients: Truth, Transparency and Traceability.


Ethically sourced diamonds boost long term economic development that helps local communities. We together with our customers will drive the future of the jewelry industry. We strive hard to treat the environment and individuals with equal respect, both inside and outside the company.


Each diamond is laser-inscribed with a unique serial number, as well as being given its own certificate card. The stones are cut and polished by approved manufacturers and independently audited to ensure their traceability. All of our diamonds are sourced abiding to rigorous international environmental measures, that safeguard local ecosystems.


We cautiously trail the origins of all our diamonds to guarantee that they are ethically mined, cut, and polished. All of our diamonds are mined in conformity with fair trade principles, providing local employment, in a safe and progressive work environment. Diamond miners receive fair wages, education, and skilled job training.

We vouch that our diamonds are unstained by all human rights maltreats, including child labor, forced labor, murder, torture, and ravishment. We believe it is vital to infract the connection between diamonds and all forms of exploitation and excruciation.

If you have any questions regarding the sourcing of our materials or gemstones, our grading methods, or our pricing, please feel free to contact us for more information.