Precious Metal Guide


As mining metals like gold can be environmentally destructive and hazardous to local plants, animals, and people, we source only eco-friendly, premium-grade gold and platinum for our jewelry. This ensures that we offer the same great quality you'd expect from premier metals, but without the associated negative impact on the world or those in it.



Renowned for its gleaming luster and denseness, gold is known as the softest and most pliable natural metal. In its purest form, gold is bright yellow in color, but is often mixed with other metals, such as palladium, to form a more durable alloy that's more resistant to everyday wear and tear. Additionally, these alloys help color gold and produce shades of white, yellow, and rose.

Most white gold rings are finished with a plating of rhodium, which is a hard, very bright metal from the platinum family that gives a brilliant mirror finish. As this is a thin coating it does wear over time.


Natural gold and color-saturated alloys are what give yellow gold jewelry its rich shine. The alloys most commonly used, are copper with a red hue, and silver featuring a green hue. An expert mixture of copper, silver and pure gold gives this precious metal its signature warmth.


A rose gold color is achieved by raising the copper ratio when combining the gold with other alloys. For example, 18kt rose gold is 75% fine gold, but the other 25% of alloys has a greater copper content than yellow or white gold. This color of gold has become popular because it flatters pale skin and certain colors of gemstones, especially the newly popular pink diamonds. The higher copper content makes the alloy more durable than its yellow or white alternatives.


A silvery white character is what makes white gold jewelry so appealing. In order to make the gold white, it is combined with metal alloys that are white in nature and plated with an extremely hard element called rhodium. Although strong, rhodium may wear away over time. Replating is a simple process that can be done to restore whiteness to your jewelry.


Platinum is rarer than gold. Platinum is the strongest precious metal, highly durable, hypoallergenic and its density makes for a secure setting for your diamonds or gemstones. It is also naturally white metal that highlights diamonds beautifully. It is highly suited for your partner that works with hands and has an active lifestyle.


A comparatively new metal to jewelry, Palladium is naturally white and a member of the platinum family. Its resistance to wear is similar to that of platinum.

It doesn't require plating or other metals for protection - it will naturally stay white without regular maintenance and care. While it's in the same group as platinum and looks very similar, it's much lighter than its sister metal.



As part of our tireless dedication to sustainability – including a reduced impact on the environment and supporting workers with fair wages and a safe worksite – we, therefore, use recycled precious metals in all our fine jewelry.

Gold mining is perhaps one of the most ecologically destructive activities on earth. It has been tied to human rights abuse and massive pollution. Mining has been tied to negative impacts such as:

  • Displacement of large populations
  • Unfair Wages to persons engaged in mining
  • Massive Environmental Pollution
  • Water Pollution and Environmental Ravaging
  • Poor Safety Measures for Miners
  • Inhumane Drudge Practices
  • Neglect of the Rights and Interests of Indigenous Peoples

20 tons of waste are produced for every ounce of gold. And an average large-scale gold mine uses 1,900 tons of cyanide annually. This waste can contaminate bodies of water, soil, and the air around mines, even though the cyanide solution is used in a low concentration.

We do not want any of our jewelry tainted with these negative issues associated with the continuation of irresponsible mining practices. We, therefore, work hard to ensure that our precious metals are responsibly sourced by using recycled materials. The beauty about this is that recycled precious metals retain their same properties. Gold is gold, and platinum is platinum, no matter if they are newly mined or recycled. Therefore, we are still able to maintain our dedication to providing our customers with quality products at all times while being an eco-friendly jewelry store.