Sustainable, beautiful… Designed just for you. 

At Bashford Jewelry, we provide a unique combination of your ideas, modern design technology, and expert craftsmanship to give you a custom piece that will be a treasure for decades to come.

Custom Design Process


There’s nothing more beautiful and personal than custom-designed jewelry. This is why Bashford Jewelry loves to design and craft gorgeous, unforgettable pieces. Each is designed with the individual in mind to create unique and memorable jewelry that stands out in a crowd.

Bashford’s fine jewelry is handmade by certified master jewelers in the United States. Each piece is made with love and we place sustainability at the heart of what we do.


Whether you’re planning on asking the girl or guy of your dreams to marry you, want to create a wonderfully unique piece for your parents’ anniversary, or just want a classic piece of jewelry to help you set the tone for a business meeting, our expert craftsmen are ready to work with you on every detail so you can create an original work of art that no one will ever forget.

Don’t just settle for any ring, necklace or bracelet you find on the rack. Contact us today to speak with a team member and learn more about this hands-on process. We’ll walk you through every step from start to finish so you can feel confident in your selection.


No matter how detailed your vision, we’ll work with you from basic concept to the creation of your stunning, conflict-free, and one-of-a-kind jewelry.

The custom-design process takes into account all of your requirements and suggestions so that you can truly say that you designed a custom piece. Along the way your input includes:

  • Ring Size and Design
  • Center Stone Dimensions
  • Accents and Side Stones Styles/Sizes
  • Thickness, Length or Intricacy
  • Overall Piece Size

At Bashford Jewelry, we design and produce a wide range of beautiful jewelry. But when you truly want a piece that is all your own, work with our team to fashion custom, handcrafted jewelry that won’t be found anywhere else on Earth.

Get started on that special piece you’ve always wanted. 

For all questions and especially for detailed product questions and special orders, please email us. We have customer service reps standing by to research all inquiries and get back to you as soon as possible, often times the same day. 

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