3 Top Reasons Why You Should Pick a Conflict-Free Engagement Ring

When choosing the perfect engagement ring, it's essential that the inside of the ring matches the beauty of the outside. But what exactly does that mean? While the beauty and elegance of the crafted ring should be a reason you ultimately buy the ring, the more important consideration is if your ring is made with a conflict-free diamond.

At Bashford Jewelry, we specialize in conflict-free jewelry. We're a small, family-owned business that cares about the rings we create and the source of our diamonds. We believe that it's essential to choose jewelry that is better for the planet and the people who source our diamonds. Here are the top three reasons why you should ensure the ring you buy is made of conflict-free diamonds.

  • It's Conflict-Free

While this seems obvious, it's essential to understand the term Blood Diamonds. If you don't know where your diamond is sourced from, it can be very conflicting to wear your diamond. Blood diamonds are typically mined in war-torn countries. Slave labor is used in those mines, and the profits from the diamonds go to supporting the dangerous groups that enforce this inhumane treatment of humans. Not only do diamond miners in these countries work in hazardous conditions, but they are some of the poorest people on the planet.

If this feels unsettling, we understand. That's why we endorse supporting jewelry that is made with conflict-free diamonds. Refusing to support blood diamonds by taking your dollars elsewhere will show that you're standing against this horrible practice. Purchasing a conflict-free ring ensures that fair procedures are in place for the workers, working conditions are not compromised, and workers are paid fairly for their work.

  • It's Traceable

When you purchase a conflict-free diamond, you're able to trace its roots and ensure it was sourced sustainably and fairly. The first place you can check to find information about your ring is the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) which will give you specific information about your stone. 

Look for additional certifications, such as certifications from Canadamark that can confirm the diamond is conflict-free. Each diamond is marked with a number that can be checked against the Canadamark website to trace the diamond's origin. Selecting jewelers who prioritize conflict-free diamonds, like Bashford Jewelry, will ensure you're not buying a product that can harm the earth or the people living on it.

  • Support Future Change

It's time to say goodbye to the old style of engagement rings and choose alternative types that are less mainstream, less mass-produced, and less controversial. By selecting a jeweler who cares both about the quality of the ring they produce and the source of their diamonds, you're setting a standard for the future of conflict-free engagement rings. When you spend your money on something you believe in, you're showing that you support the mission to end blood diamonds and the dirty practices found in some work environments.

We're Here to Help

At Bashford Jewelry, we do more than create beautiful jewelry. We make pieces that last a lifetime. We believe in truthfulness, transparency, and traceability with everything we do. Our small, family-owned business wants to help you find your perfect piece of jewelry that is both high-quality and ethically sourced. Check out our full selection of jewelry at Bashford Jewelry.