How to Buy Conflict Free Engagement Rings

Diamonds allure us in a special way. It gives us the feeling of luxury, class, and beauty whenever we come across it. That’s why diamonds are the most sought-after stone in the world.

Unfortunately in some locations, people take advantage of a diamond’s value for their own benefit and at the cost of other people’s livelihood. Conflict diamonds also known as “blood diamonds” has sparked outrage across the globe due to the unethical treatment of its diamond miners.

The Problem- Unethically Sourced Rings

Blood diamonds are diamonds that have been mined by those in poverty working under gruelling working conditions. Children can even be found working in these mines. While diamonds can cost up to thousands and sold for millions of dollars, these workers are barely paid enough to feed their families. Blood diamond mining breaks numerous human right laws.

The money made from blood diamonds in the past have funded rebel groups across places like Congo and Sierra Leone. While strict rules have lessened the number of blood diamonds traded, it’s still an ongoing issue. Traders manipulate the system by trading it off multiple times before selling it to international buyers. 

Precious Metals

While many assume there’s nothing wrong with gold mining, it presents another set of issues. In some places, gold miners are subjected to horrible working conditions as well. Additionally, gold mining causes huge environmental damages and waste. It destroys natural habitats and generates around 20 tons of waste per one ounce of gold.

What is a Conflict Free Ring?

A conflict free ring is exactly what it sounds like. These rings are ethically sourced as they come from miners who make a living wage and work in optimal working conditions. Many of these rings are either mined in places like Canada or man-made in laboratories. Man-made diamonds remove the mining process completely.   

For example, CanadaMark diamonds are ethically mined in the Northwest Territories. Every CanadaMark diamond comes with a certificate that authenticates its origins and it comes with a certification number. The number allows you to verify its authenticity through the CanadaMark website. Given the issue with blood diamonds, its important that you know where your money is going.

Regarding precious metals, there are eco-friendly and recycled gold options. Eco-friendly gold is mined in such a way that it limits environmental damage. Alternatively, recycled gold allows jewelers to prolong the usage of used gold products to avoid further mining.

Ensuring your ring is conflict free

If you’re buying a diamond ring, ask the retailer for a certificate to ensure its authenticity. When a ring comes without any certification, it’s hard to distinguish whether the diamond was ethically sourced or not. Furthermore, look into the values from the jewelry company you purchase from to ensure they are supporting ethically sourced products.

Everyone wants to feel beautiful and special on their day, however the social welfare of others across the globe is just as important. Make sure your money supports the right cause.