How To Find Out Her Ring Size Without Her Knowing

Are you trying to surprise your girlfriend or wife with a ring and want to find out her ring size without her knowing?

Buying a ring online makes it easy for you to find a ring that’s the right size and suits your partner’s tastes. But getting the size is the hard part. Here are a few ways to get her ring size without her finding out.

Compare Hands

If you have an eye for measurement, then you can compare your hands with hers to get an idea of her finger size. Then, you can use this for an estimate of the ring size when buying the ring. You have to use the hand on which the ring will go as the dominant hand tends to be a little larger than the other.

Use a String or Tape

Use a piece of string to measure around the finger while she is asleep. The string should not be stretchy, or it can impact the measurement. Make sure it fits snug, but not too tight. Then mark the area on the string where it overlaps. Then measure this on a ruler to get the millimeter (mm) size. This gives you the measurement you need to find the ring size for your partner.

Measure a ring she currently owns

You can measure a ring she currently owns using either the inside diameter or the inside circumference. You can use a string similar to above or a ruler for the diameter and a tape for the circumference.

Recruit her friends or family

Ask a family member or friends if they know her ring size. Maybe they’ve tried on rings from each other they have been with her when she bought a ring. Either way, they may have the information easily at hand for you to get an estimate of her measurements and therefore her ring size.

Final Ring Measurement Tip

Compare the base of the finger and the knuckle. If they are two different sizes, you will need a size in between. You want a ring that can pass the knuckle but is not too loose on the base of the finger.

Converting the measurements to ring size

Now that you have her measurement, you can use that to find her ring size. Using this ring size conversion chart, you can find the ring size closest to your mm measurements and order the right ring size for her.

What to do if you order the wrong size?

We are sure you can get the right size ring online. But, if not, then your online jeweler can sometimes help you either resize the ring if it’s custom made or exchange for a different ring in another size from their collection.