Bryan and Nicole's Love Story

We finally get to share this amazing love story from one of our lovely customers, Bryan and Nicole. 

(It’s done in a question and answer format so you can get the words straight from them).

Q. How did you two meet?

Bryan: We met in college, I was sitting in a stool. I saw her walking by and I whistled at her. Haha. We crossed looks and I knew I wanted to ask her out,
and I did. And here we are now.

Nicole: So we met in college. He asked about me through a friend and well,
the rest is history.

Q. So, when did you go on your first date and where?

Bryan: I don’t really remember the exact date but I took her to Macaroni and Grill.

Nicole: Our first date was in March 2012 and he took me to Macaroni and Grill.

Q. Was there a moment you knew you had found ‘the one’?

Bryan: Yes, by our second year of relationship.

Nicole: Actually no. I think I just fell in love casually, day by day, little things that made me see how lucky I got.

Q. What are your favourite memories that you’ve shared together?

Bryan: When we went to Europe together, that’s where I asked her to marry me. Also our first trip together to Disney with our friends.  And one of my favorites which is when I asked her to be my girlfriend.

Nicole: My engagement is by far my favorite. But out of all the memories we have together I would say our days spent the beach with our pets.

Q. What is it about each other that makes you smile?

Bryan: I love her personality and the way she loves animals so much and she is so caring. I think about the way she laughs and she is so funny and I really can’t help but smile when I think about her.

Nicole: Just the way we speak to each other, the cuddle names we have, the way he laughs, the great heart he has and just overall seeing him happy makes me smile.

Q. When did you know you were going to propose?

Bryan: A couple of months before our trip to Europe.

Nicole: I didn’t propose but I don’t know why, I had a hunch he would on our trip. And as the saying goes “women are always right” haha.

Q. How did you go about creating the ring?

Bryan: I know she likes simplicity, so I based the ring on that. She’s simple yet sophisticated and this was literally the perfect ring for the love of my life.

Nicole: He gave me the perfect ring. The color, the size of the diamond, I mean everything was perfect. He knows me so well.

Q. How did you go about choosing when and where to propose?

Bryan: When we planned the trip to Europe. The plan was to propose in Santorini but this led to that and we had to change the plans. So we went to Disney in Paris and I know she adores Disney so I thought it was the perfect place for her to remember forever that moment.

Nicole: So he proposed on our Euro trip. He told me has thinking of a different location than were he proposed but something happened that it couldn’t be done. But I think everything happens for a reason because he couldn’t have chosen a better plan B. He proposed in Disney Paris and it goes without saying that is was definitely magical. 

Q. When did you both decide to get married?

Bryan: We decides that after we bought the house we would put a date. A year and half after proposing we picked the date but  we had to postpone thanks to the pandemic. So our new date is May 16th, 2021.

Nicole: We decided a year and half later. We wanted to buy a house first. So our original date was May 24th 2020, but COVID 19 had other plans. So we actually postponed it to May 16th, 2021.

Q. Any advice to couples out there about relationships?

Bryan: Never give up. There’s always going to be difficult situations but if you really love each other you can always surpass it.

Nicole: Love, Laughter, Respect and Communication. These are key words to maintain a relationship. Nothing is perfect, always remember that, but if it’s worth it never give up.



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