Simon and Lucinda on their Forever Story

Meet Simon and Lucinda, our next story in our forever series of couples who’ve found love (and where we – Bashford Jewelry – got a play a tiny part in their story)

Simon and Lucinda’s story is nothing short of a fairytale romance that’s a great story for them to tell years to come. 

(It’s done in a question and answer format so you can get the words straight from them).

How did you two meet?

Simon: We met at university. Lucinda was president of the tennis club and I first met her at a stall during ‘Freshers’ week’ where she was promoting the tennis club. We later became friends through the tennis team.

Lucinda: We met through our university tennis team. I was the president of the club at the time and apparently picked Simon for the mens’ team at trials!

So, when did you go on your first date and where?

Simon: I invited Lucinda to a gig but unfortunately it got cancelled very last minute, so we ended up going to the local pub which had a live music session that evening. Our first dinner date was to a small Lebanese restaurant with amazing food and ambience.

LucindaOur first date was in 2009. Simon took me to a small, intimate Lebanese restaurant in West London (which was essentially a chef serving food in his living room). Simon forgot to bring cash and was mortified!


Was there a moment you knew you had found ‘the one’?

Simon: After our first trip away together to Paris. I think you get to know someone much better when you spend 24 hours a day with them.

Lucinda: I think when I discovered we pretty much had all the same interests, I knew we were compatible and after we survived long distance for over 2 years!

What are your favourite memories that you’ve shared together?

Simon: Our partying days at university, all the great holidays we’ve been on, our wedding and the birth of our daughter.

LucindaAll the great trips we’ve been on together, especially Japan and our honeymoon to South America and of course our epic wedding!


What is it about each other that makes you smile?

Simon: Her happy-go-lucky attitude and sense of humour.

LucindaHis sense of humour and goofiness with our daughter, Nyla.


When did you know you were going to propose?

Simon: We had booked a trip to Lake Como in Italy for a week and thought this was the perfect opportunity.


How did you go about creating the ring? How did you find Bashford Jewelry?

Simon: I know Lucinda loves one of a kind, unique jewelry so wanted to design something myself. I did a lot of research and read a lot of online reviews before choosing Bashford Jewelry.


How did you go about choosing when and where to propose?

Simon: I decided to propose on the first day of our holiday to Lake Como (which could’ve been a disaster for the rest of the trip!) I chose a secluded spot on one of our hikes with great panoramic views.


When did you both decide to get married?

Simon: We decided to get marries a year after I proposed which gave us enough time to plan and invite relatives from abroad etc. We gambled with the British weather and went for an outdoor ceremony.

LucindaWe were married a year later on the 29th July 2016 with an outdoor ceremony on Hampstead Heath in North London followed by the reception in an industrial-style loft studio.

Any advice to couples out there about relationships and marriage?

Simon: Communicate, compromise, take up hobbies together and have fun.

LucindaCarve out time to spend with each other doing the things you love even when life is crazy, busy and stressful with a toddler clinging to your legs…


Help us wish the beautiful couple all the best for their forever-after. And you can click here to learn more about our custom ring design process to make your own forever story just as magical.