David and Lara – High School Sweethearts in a Forever Story

In another of our Forever Story series, we have David and Lara, two high school sweethearts and best friends. David and Lara make you believe in lasting friendships and happy ever afters (and we’re happy to have been a little part of their engagement story).

Here’s David and Lara’s story straight from them.

Q. How did the two of you meet?

Lara- I guess you could say we met in first period in my freshman year. I had just moved and was new to the school. We never did talk much for that entire first year.

David- Eventually, when I did get up the nerve to start talking to Lara, we just started hanging out more.

Lara- We went to homecoming and prom together. Made plans for college together.

Q. What’s one of your favorite memories together?

Lara- Oh gosh, there are so many but hands down I’d have to say our wedding day. There was just so much laughter and fun that day. It was an epic celebration.

David- Another of my favorite memory of us is our first time going camping. Lara does not do camping, but she decided she’d try because I asked. It was just an entire weekend of us together, talking for hours, just enjoying each other’s company.

Lara- Now I plan the camping trips (laughs).

Q. How did you go about choosing when and where to propose?

David- Well our families have always been close. So, family dinners together weren’t new. But I wanted both our families to be there when I asked.

So, I arranged for us to have a family dinner, and I spoke with her dad beforehand.

Lara- Like he said, we always have family dinners together, so I didn’t think anything of it. But it was perfect when he asked. All the people I love were there to hear me tell the man I love most yes, I’d spend the rest of my life with him.

Q. What type of ring did you choose?

David- From high school I had decided that I would ask Lara to marry me. So, from then, I started paying attention to anything she said about rings and jewelry. I wanted it to be the perfect gift for her.

Over time I realized that Lara has a preference for halo type rings. She also likes rose gold. And I’ve been going on ring websites on and off for years looking at what they offer. So, I had long decided on Bashford because they had been so responsive to some questions I had.

I decided on an 18K rose gold halo ring.

Q. The Fleur Blossom Diamond Ring?

David- Yes, that’s the one.

Lara- And it was perfect.



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